• Beginner Course : View over a first flight
    Beginner Course : View over a first flight Conditions are perfect to begin from Sarangkot
  • Progression Course : Facing the wing
    Progression Course : Facing the wing Perfect check and motion for safe takeoffs
  • Thermaling Course : gain altitude
    Thermaling Course : gain altitude Learn how to exploit thermals, fly high with style
  • XC Course : Sirkot to Pokhara Briefing
    XC Course : Sirkot to Pokhara Briefing David ARRUFAT briefs the pilots
  • S.I.V Course : Master your wing safely
    S.I.V Course : Master your wing safely Learn your wing limits and the latest acro tricks
  • Tandem Pilot & Instructor Course
    Tandem Pilot & Instructor Course Tandem action with Hervé CERRUTI

Training Organisation

Enjoy the perfect weather conditions of Nepal ! This is the best place in the world to progress smoothly. Come and learn to fly in safety every day !!!

Your training includes:

  • Theorical and practical courses
  • 2 licenced instructors
  • Transports to take-off and landing zone
  • Full equipment
  • One Blue Sky Paragliding T-Shirt

Your paragliding training includes :

  •       Theorical tuition
  •       Ground handling practice
  •       Tandem flights
  •       Solo flights



You will progressively get your skills and confidence up and feel ready to fly solo.

The first flight will be short but memorable, once your teachers feel that you are well into it you will fly from the beautiful take-off of Sarangkot (700m above the Pokhara landing zone).

Courses begin on the 5th of October 2013.

And then run from the 5th and 20th of each month.

Beginner courses are 5 days long and you will approximately fly 5 solo flights + tandem flights.


Your progression course is a blend of :

  •        Theoretical tuition
  •        Flights from different sites

The instructor will adapt lessons to your level and personal requests, he will share his knowledge and explain you all the tricks you are greedy for.

Progression courses are 5 days long,  you will approximately practice 10 progression flights.

Sharpen your feelings in the air ! Fly higher than ever and open up your panorama and your distance flying potential.

Your thermal training consists of :

  •       Thermal tips & tricks
  •       Guiding
  •       Solo flights

Circling thermals to the core, breaking the roof will soon not have any secret for you ! From one day to several, you may fly from different spots depending on the opportunities and weather conditions.

The courses can take place at any time during the flying season (from end October to May).

Whether you are a beginner eager to learn the basics, or an experienced pilot seeking to perfect your cross-country skills.

A mixture of adventures, teaching and challenges. Nepal is the place for perfect to progress.

  •       Radio Guidance to achieve long Cross Country
  •       Cross Country flights
  •       Theorical training

Courses are included in the expedition package.

The courses can take place at any time during the flying season (from end October to May).

These 3 days of progressive exercises will take your skills to the next level !

You will learn the limits of your wing and your own limits. Get control over each situation is our aim.

Your training is spread over 3 days, in a secure environment above the Phewa Lake of Pokhara.

Roll, pitch, pendular turns, collapses, fast descent techniques, spiral, full stall, spin, acro basics, reserve deployment, or the most extreme acro manoeuvres ...

This course is delivered by the APPI SIV / Acro Master Instructor David ARRUFAT.

Your special training includes :

  •       Radio guidance
  •       Video analysis
  •       Theoretical courses
  •       Rescue boats
  •       Your SIV video on a CD-Rom
  •       Your APPI SIV or Acro training certification

Enhance control, safety and performance, master your glider in all configurations.

APPI Levels Graduation

Association of Paragliding Pilots and InstructorsBeginner Course (5 days)
Open Sky Pilot : Parapro 1

Progression Course (5 days)
Adventure Pilot : Parapro 2

Thermaling Course (5 days)
APPI Solo Pilot : Parapro 3

Intensive 15 days package
APPI Solo Pilot : Parapro 3

Graduate to Pilot Levels with the APPI International Licence

Any course is possible every day, also Private instruction is available !

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