• Feeling like getting some adrenaline ?!?
    Feeling like getting some adrenaline ?!? Acro tandem is the greatest rollercoaster ever !
  • Thousand years of mountain sculpting
    Thousand years of mountain sculpting Views that you will never forget
  • Tandem Flights Expeditions Live aerial adventures
    Tandem Flights Expeditions Live aerial adventures Adventures at your reach without knowledge
  • Crystal clear sky and perfect breeze
    Crystal clear sky and perfect breeze View the Annpurna range from our main takeoff
  • Practice Acro in a secure environment
    Practice Acro in a secure environment Acrobatic tandem for pleasure and feelings
  • Follow the Best S.I.V Courses in the World
    Follow the Best S.I.V Courses in the World Smoke on the water ! Fire in the Sky !!!

Bandipur Flying Center

Tandem, Courses and Guiding available

Pokhara Head Quarters

Tandem, All Courses, Expeditions, Tours [...]

Pokhara Technical Sheet

Altitude 1610m
Access : Road
Landing : Road
Tandem / Courses / SIV
Courses (Beginner to Instructor)
SIV, Acro Training, D-Bag
Best time
October to April

Pokharā (पोखरा) is where our HQ are based.

This is a very popular trekking departure around the Annapurna, it became the main flying site of Nepal.

A 20mn ride in a taxi or in our Jeeps will take you on our prepared takeoff where you will fly in front of the Annapurna.

It is the departure point to many fantastic Cross Country flights :

  • West : Along the lake valley
  • North : To the first foothills of the Annapurna and Macanpuchare
  • East : Along the Himalayan foothills

Sirkot Flying Resort

XC Support, Course, Rental services

Pokhara Discovery Tandem

Pokhara Discovery Tandem
From Sarangkot (1500m) to Pokhara (800m), live your first flight experience. Feel the sensation of flying in thermal conditions,...

Pokhara Cross Country Tandem

Pokhara Cross Country Tandem
A Cross-Country flight is for those people who want to experience more about paragliding - to fly into unchartered territory,...

Pokhara Expedition Tandem

Pokhara Expedition Tandem
An expedition may be taking place soon ... So come and join us for a fantastic tandem adventure ! We leave early in the...

Pokhara Acrobatic Tandem

Pokhara Acrobatic Tandem
If you want to discover paragliding and its extremes manoeuvres or understand the latest acro figures this is the option...

Pokhara Parahawking Tandem

Pokhara Parahawking Tandem
The Tandem Parahawking Adventure Flight is the flight that everyone is talking about. We fly with Kevin or Bob our world...

Beginner Course

Beginner Course
Your paragliding training includes :       Theorical tuition       Ground handling practice      ...

Progression Course

Progression Course
Your progression course is a blend of :        Theoretical tuition        Flights from different sites The...

Thermaling course

Thermaling course
Sharpen your feelings in the air ! Fly higher than ever and open up your panorama and your distance flying potential. Your...

Cross Country course

Cross Country course
Whether you are a beginner eager to learn the basics, or an experienced pilot seeking to perfect your cross-country skills. A...
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