Other information

Other information:

OFAC SWISS INSTRUCTOR (French Licence N35504)
He does accro competitions since 2001 :
- 5th at the Redbull vertigo 2002
- 4th at the RedBull vertigo 2003
- 2nd at the OMEGNA  2003 syncro competition with Hervé CERUTTI
- 6th in 2004 Mondial Rank

Actually developping paragliding in Nepal as much as I can.

David invented the "rhythmic SAT" in 2001, which is now a required component of accro competition. He was the first pilot to excute 6 consecutives tumblings, during the RedBull Vertigo in 2001.

In 2002 I discovered a much more dynamic and cleaner variation of the "Mac Twist", which we now call the "Misty Flip". But it was Swiss pilot David ARRUFAT who amazed everyone at Vertigo that year when, during his sequence, he hit the brakes earlier than normal whilst entering a SAT and discovered the "Rhythmic SAT", which instantly became the top manoeuvre and the one everyone wanted to master. [Raoul RODRIGUEZ]

Speciality : SIV accrobatic courses, exploration and discovery of news flying routes in Nepal
Project : Trans- Hymalayan, acro competition in Nepal, nature conservation and have more Babies.