The movie of the adventures of Babu and Lapka HANUMAN AIRLINES won the first prize, the Golden Icarus and the Icarus from the public at the Free Fight International Movie Festival of Saint Hilaire, France !

Big big congratulations to Babu and Lapka and all APPI team !

 HANUMAN AIRLINES is coming soon ... Please come back on our site for more informations.


From left to right: David ARRUFAT (Master instructor, representative of APPI), Babu SUNUWAR and Lapka SHERPA

Every trainings from solo to professional pilots

BLUE SKY PARAGLIDING LTD. was born in 2001 from the friendship of Narayang PARAJULIE, one of the first Nepali pilot, and David ARRUFAT, a Swiss pilot famous for its acro level (discovered the Rhythmic SAT in 2002),  together they brought up the will to offer paragliding tandem and courses in Nepal.
BLUE SKY PARAGLIDING (Company n°54889) is now a well established company. The staff is composed of a team of around 7 to up 10 pilots.

The aim of BLUE SKY PARAGLIDING is of course to fly but moreover to develop paragliding in Nepal and to offer the maximum of jobs and of education levels. We have discovered most of the paragliding sites of Nepal and are fighting to take this air sport even higher by affiliating to APPI international standards.

When I started paragliding in Nepal, in 1998, there were no rules and regulation with regards to air sports. 
But thing changed..for worse 
Now we get full of rule not very adapted to the development of the sport 
Paragliding is considered as money income rather than like a sport.

But on the other side  we get very good and exemplary pilot in Nepal 
Is new generation coming with a good spirit and good motivation 
they have the good skill to make paragliding one national sport in Nepal 

Now need to fight for the right to use all the VFR zone of Nepal 

Fee fly Nepal 


The status of paragliding fell under commercial aviation regulation as Civil Aviation asked for a permit to fly a paraglider, overmore, paragliding companies had to register under very heavy Aviation rules.

The general attitude in Nepal is to stop any new improvement and to create difficulties in order to charge . This sick corruption system makes it a challenge to open a paragliding compagny in Nepal as it has to obtain true AOC (Air Operation Certificate). Usualy AOC is for international commercial aviation under ICAO rule ...

After 16 year (today is 2015), nothing changed so much  

We started some process to boost  and initiated a route for opening the sky.
A system of progression and airspace freedom (Air sport zone in all VFR area of the Map).

Air Sport box is now the only place where we can fly !!!! (inside the Airport Control Zone of the Airport of Pokhara) The most dangerous zone in terms of air trafic !!! And you have to pay for it !!!!  so what shall we do ? Let see the future...

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